Partnership Programme

Join our team of international distributors

With our partnership programme you will be able to offer the CPD certified Management Skills Award as part of your portfolio and we will do all of the rest.

We will do all of the fulfilment, the marking, the QA – everything! We even collect the money and then send you a monthly payment.

Our partnership software is very sophisticated so as soon as someone completes a booking form we know from which distributor the sale has come from and you are immediately informed automatically.

Our partnership programme is ideal for:

  • Independent trainers and consultants who want to be able to offer an accredited online management course to their clients
  • Organisations, colleges and institutions who want to offer an accredited online management course to their students
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to offer an additional income stream to their current offering
  • International distributors who want to provide an accredited management training online offering to their clients

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