We’ve trained over 200,000 staff and have been working with a wide variety
of clients (both large and small) in the UK and internationally since 2001

At MTD Training we have been delivering management training solutions since 2001.

In that time we have trained over 200,000 staff from over 7,500 organisations at all levels of management from supervisors and team leaders through to managing directors and chief executives.

Following on from our very successful workshop based programmes at MTD Training we now offer a range of online management training solutions through this site.

We are very proud to offer an alternative to workshop based training solutions to cater for a wide variety of needs.

Here’s our team:

Sean McPheat

Mark Williams

Louise Denny

Jenny Verman

Faye Thomas

Donna Byrne

Kelli Grinter

Suzanna Baynard

Sam Johnson

Tracey Kahrman

Anna Lebbern

Abbie Mcilhone

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